Excessive sweating and sympathetic nervous system

Published: 29th August 2009
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Reading out a report to an entire class can be a sweaty job. Your mouth goes dry, under arms start sweating, the face heats up and bam start the waterworks. Of course sweating is a natural phenomenon and you are probably saying that to yourself.

Yes, it is a known fact that everybody sweats. However, excessive sweating is not normal. Such a condition may result in drastic changes in your life. Don't worry, help is at hand. People have found many home remedies to cure this disorder. Consultations with doctors and medicines are not required. These remedies are available in your closets and at the stores.

This disorder of excessive sweating is called hyperhidrosis. It can be very life changing for people who have this. A person suffering from this may become depressed. Such a person, who sweats excessively, continuously thinks about it. You keep meeting new people every day. The most universal form of greeting is through a hand shake. How can someone with this disorder of excessive sweating cope? Job interviews would become embarrassing situations. Drawing a person's attention off this disorder would be an art that must be mastered by a person having excessive sweating. They have a ready reason for their hands being 'wet'.

Embarrassing as excessive sweating may be, we must not wish to completely stop sweating. The body needs to cool down. This is achieved through sweating which helps in reducing the body heat to a normal temperature. You must keep in mind the side effects of deodorants and surgery. So that you are in the best of health and your body remains physically and mentally fit. Thus you should make use of natural home remedies rather than other medicines.

Finding out the reason behind the excessive sweating is the first step towards curing it. Stress and anxiety are the major factors that cause excessive sweating. Other than these, the sympathetic nervous system is seen as a factor.

Any actions taken by us are governed by the sympathetic nervous system. For example, what will one do if there is an emergency? 'Fight' or 'flight'? The sympathetic nervous system is situated on both sides of the spinal cord on the sympathetic chain. The skin, blood vessel and the organs of the body are all connected to the sympathetic chain. Your body acts for the benefit of your well being. If it becomes aware of a foreign substance or something that cannot be tolerated by it, it will try and remove it. This removal of unwanted substances from the body is done by the immune system.

When the body becomes stressed, the sympathetic nervous system detects it and as a reaction to it you start sweating. However, in a person having hyperhidrosis, the sympathetic nervous system is dynamic even if the body does nothing.

A dynamic sympathetic nervous system is not the result of foodstuff. Neurological conditions, recurring infections and a low immune system can cause excessive sweating. In such cases, you must seek help from a physician or medical practitioner. Once tested and the medical conditions discarded, you can follow the path of natural remedies.

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